Camino Levante 2018

Day 1 Almagemesi 38k

Up and gone from the albergue at 6 like a thief in the night. It’s a long day ahead and I pick up the markers from the cathedral and begin the slog. The birds are singing already you gotta love there zest for life!. Nothing else is moving nada no cars no people! It’s as quiet as the grave. It takes me forever to vacate the cities streets but after a few hours I am out. From here it’s a long slog navigating the outer suburbs. Then it’s a case of long stretches of minor roads to the satellite towns that ring this large city. I walk on the tarmac for 10 long hours and the last few on minor roads through fields of orange groves. This day was not rewarding and I am overjoyed to reach my accommodation late in the afternoon. Later a Spanish couple joined, Lola and Manuel and his blisters are enormous. I cannot see him lasting tomorrow.p

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