Selecting your DVD region

Our DVDs are produced in a multi-region format (Region 0) and therefore can be used in all DVD players. They are also available in either NTSC or PAL formats depending on the broadcast format required in the country they are intended for. Please ensure that you select the correct format when ordering your DVD. Return to DVDs order page.

The following formats apply to the countries listed below. Additional information for countries not listed here can be found at

United States NTSC
United Kingdom PAL
Australia & New Zealand PAL
Austria PAL
Argentina PAL
Belgium PAL
Brazil PAL
Chile NTSC
China PAL
Cyprus PAL
Czech Republic PAL
France SECAM (use PAL version)
Denmark PAL
Finland PAL
Germany PAL
Greece PAL
Holland (Nederland) PAL
Italy PAL
Japan NTSC
Norway PAL
Malta PAL
Poland PAL
Portugal PAL
Singapore PAL
Slovenia PAL
Spain PAL


Switzerland PAL

A complete list of countries and the format required can be viewed at

For countries using the SECAM format, such as France, you should order the PAL version of the DVD.

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