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The Camino Portugués is 610 km long from its starting point at Lisbon Cathedral and ending at the Cathedral at Santiago. The route can be broken into two stages, Lisbon to Porto, 380km, and Porto to Santiago which is almost 230km.The Camino Portugués route While historically this route starts in Lisbon nowadays less than 1000 pilgrims will start there journey from here.
From Lisbon to Porto there are very few alburgues or infrastructure and the walking is mainly on minor roads and footpaths. For this reason this stage is not well populated by pilgrims.

However the picturesque university town of Coimbre and the Marian Sanctuary at Fatima are two great highlights for those who do decide to start from Lisbon.

In 2012 nearly 26000 pilgrims walked this Camino Portugués, with Porto and Valencia/Tui being by far the most popular starting points.
This figure represented over 13% of the total pilgrims walking this Way to Santiago.

The route and places of interest on the way

If you are journeying from Lisbon Cathedral the path takes you along the river Teja, through farms and vineyards and eucalyptus forests, through hamlets and Roman ruins until eventually arriving at Coimbre. In this old town are two cathedrals, the Se Velha and Se Nova. The “new” cathedral dates from the 17th century, while the old is from the 12th.

Besides the cathedrals, the crowning point of the city is the University of Coimbre, but you should also visit the Botanical Gardens and the Portugal dos Pequenitos, the model town that has miniatures of houses throughout Portugal, including Lisbon’s House of Diamonds.

Fatima is a detour from here but well worth a visit and remember almost 4 million pilgrims will visit this sacred shrine every year.
After another 140km you will arrive at Porto, an incredible old city that could leave you breathless. Porto, with its baroque cathedral, and old town, is an amazing city and well worth a few days to explore. The old city is full of wonderful buildings and monuments and exciting bars and cafes.

It is 120km from Porto to the Spanish border town of Tui, through forests and gentle countryside and with generally easy walking until the crossing of the River Minho past Valencia into Spain. Tui is essentially a walled cathedral, a Romanesque-Gothic fortress from where Spain kept its eye on neighbouring Portugal, sometimes her friend, sometimes her enemy. Now, with both countries being in the EU, neither is likely to declare war on the other. Also in Tui is the Convent of Santo Domingo, plus spectacular views of the Vigo and Louro valleys.
The last stage of the route takes you on main roads and country paths to Arcade, from where you go through woods and farms to Padron.

From Padron there is a relatively short walk until we reach the outskirts of Santiago and a Preview our Camino Portugués DVDchance to take our boots off and shed our backpack for one final time!

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