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Camino Pilgrimages was borne out of two brothers' experiences in walking the four main Camino routes over the past four years. There are many different routes pilgrims can take to reach Santiago de Compostela. The routes featured in this website are:

The brothers, Hugh and Peter McMullan, realised through their own experiences and that of others they met en route, that proper preparation before they set out would have made the journey easier. Initially they made a video of their first walk, Hugh & Peter McMullanthe Camino Del Norte, for their own family picture library. They always planned to walk all four of the main routes and realised that, through their experiences, they could create interesting and informative videos of all the walks they undertook.

The popularity of the Camino has increased dramatically over recent years. Interest has been sparked by the publicity of movies such as 'The Way', a variety of documentaries broadcast on television and articles written in the travel sections of many newspapers and journals. The primary difference between the videos produced by Hugh and Peter and the published articles on the Caminos is that their productions are created with the individual walker in mind and the preparation required to successfully complete one or more of the pilgrimages.

During their walks they have witnessed many people who've enthusiastically set out to walk a Camino only to find their lack of preparation forces them to give up on their attempt. Inappropriate clothing, inadequate footwear, too much gear in their backpacks are just some of the reasons for disappointment. The DVDs available through this website give the aspiring pilgrim advice and guidance on planning and preparation to avoid those disappointments as well as showing the terrain of the routes and places of interest along the way.

This site is being updated constantly, as new information and features are added. We also hope to have the site in French, German, Spanish and Italian language formats in the near future. If you would like to be notified of updates please register your interest with Camino Pilgrimages. We also welcome your feedback about the site's content and usability. You can follow us on Facebook and keep up with our walks on our blog.

Like us on Facebook!Our DVDs, each one featuring one of the four most popular Camino routes, can be purchased from this website. A preview of these DVDs can be viewed within the website.

If you're thinking of walking one of the Camino routes we hope this the information provided in this website and the DVDs we've produced will help make your pilgrimage successful and enjoyable. And check us out on Facebook too!